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Friday,    7 / February / 2014       3pm


At an X-Men RPG forum based on the comic books universe.

We need someone who has an accurate head canon, especially when it comes down to the way he interacts with others in his private life, as the violent side of him in battle is easy to emulate. You just post in the tag board saying you’d like to adopt wolverine and talk to the admins about the app form. Thanks in advance.

Thursday,    23 / January / 2014       1am

This is a friend’s forum and I thought it’d be nice of me if I advertised it.


* Cyclops

* Wolverine

* Gambit

* Rogue

* Iceman

* Beast

* Captain America

* Loki

* Scarlet Witch

Thursday,    23 / January / 2014       1am


This is a friend’s forum and I thought it’d be nice of me if I advertised it.

Needed Canon:

* Cyclops

* Wolverine

* Gambit

* Rogue

* Iceman

* Beast

* Captain America

* Loki

* Scarlet Witch

Saturday,    4 / January / 2014       2pm

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m in a hiatus for personal reasons. Don’t know when or if I’ll come back but since I’m sure no one will miss me, it’s okay. I don’t feel like I’m making other people’s lives too boring by this. 
Sorry for the inconvenience but real life comes first. 

Thursday,    22 / August / 2013       8pm

By the way, I’m on a hiatus for personal reasons. Have a great day.

Thursday,    22 / August / 2013       8pm


[Or almost totally unrelated.  

I was watching the Cosplay Heroes thing on SyFy, and something Yaya Han said resonated with me. 

Now - I don’t worship the woman.  She says things I don’t agree with, and many things I *do* agree with.  I’ve actually met her, and she was nothing but superduper nice to me, despite me weighing a LOT, and not looking like the picture perfect cosplayer.  So I like her.  I don’t think she’s the end-all, be-all of cosplay, but she’s a good cosplayer, knows her stuff, and is usually really nice.  (unless you’re being judged, but then if you’re being judged, EXPECT TO BE JUDGED.  duh.)

But yeah, digressing.  So she said that you should Cosplay to your body type.  Or more specifically, she said you should KNOW your body type before you decide on a certain character.

And it got me thinking - she has a very valid point.  

Now, before you jump down my throat and say ‘but any body type should be able to cosplay any character!  It’s their right!’ - I agree with that statement, too!  And they don’t have to be a contradiction.  Here’s how it works:

Know your body type.  And in knowing your body type, know what your insecurities are.  And don’t wear a costume that will bring those insecure areas to the fore.  That isn’t to say you CAN’T, but that you shouldn’t.  Not because it’s a cosplay faux-pas, but because if you wear a costume that leaves these insecurities bare, you are going to be uncomfortable.

And if you’re uncomfortable, you’re not going to be able to get into that character.  

And if you can’t get into the character, then why bother cosplaying?

Because that’s the POINT of cosplaying.  

It’s not about playing dressup. It’s not Halloween, much as those not involved in the scene would like to think it is.  It’s not about being sexy (though that can be part of it, it is not the main focus of it).  It’s not even about pouring your life savings into stuff.

It’s about becoming a character as best you can.  It’s a form of role play, a form of LARPing, to one extent or another.  You are BECOMING that character.  And if you’re distracted because you’re insecure about the way your costume shows your stomach, or your arm, or that scar you got way back when, you’re not going to be devoting your attention to the character the way you should.  You’re not *becoming* that character.

Now - if you’re the type that doesn’t feel insecure about themselves, regardless of your body type?  Play WHATEVER you want.  Just give it your all, and let haters hate.  Because you rock, and you know it.  

But know your body type.  Know your insecurities, if you have them.  Know your strengths, and play to them. 

Cosplayer:  KNOW THYSELF.

I HOPE that was what Yaya was saying, and not ‘oh, if your character is thin, then YOU should be thin’.  Because she’s said many times that for her it’s all about attention to detail, to design work and effort put into the costume.  It’s not about making it sexy, or putting yourself on display - that might happen depending on the piece, but for her it’s delivering a character.  

Maybe I’m giving her too much credit.  

Maybe I just pissed a bunch of you off by either 1) agreeing with her or 2) trying to defend her.  

But I think that’s what she meant.  

I HOPE that’s what she meant.  


#1 YOU’RE FABULOUS AND I LOVE THE WAY YOU THINK. <3 Chain me to your brain, I’ll be yours forever. I wish people thought more like that… I mean… I wish they THOUGHT. Especially before talking or writing… anyway…

#2 There are lots of different cosplay “schools” you were talking about people obsessed with body types. Well I knew someone who was beyond obsessed with HAIR. And insisted that if you wanted to cosplay you DEFINITELY had to have the right type of hair. That wigs were absolutely forbidden because they made cosplays look lame and that you had to do whatever to your hair to make it look exactly as the character you were portraying, even if it meant to live with an awful hairstyle/color for months at a time. 

That’s as extremist as saying you can only cosplay characters who are the same body type as you. I know it would be weird for my 6’5” cousin to cosplay as Edward Elric who’s main characteristic is to be super short… well like you said, expect people to make fun at you, but I agree that it’s a matter of enjoying it. I think that setting strict standards like “you need to put EXTREME attention to details” or “it HAS to be your natural hair” is a way insecure people cope with their own problems, but that one should feel free to do their best with their cosplays and to craft them or make them as they see fit as long as the whole process is enjoyable and well… there’s always gonna be haters, but as long as we all bear in mind that it’s them who are filled with hate and not us the ones with a problem and can still enjoy whatever convention nevertheless, everything will be right with the world.

Thursday,    4 / July / 2013       2pm

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Thursday,    4 / July / 2013       12am

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Thursday,    4 / July / 2013       12am
Monday,    1 / July / 2013       8pm
  • That our muses want breaks too.
  • That real life comes before role-play.
  • That sometimes, I’m in the mood to do a certain threads more then others.
  • That I’m scattered brained, and human. So I might of misplaced our thread.
  • That RP is a stress relief, not a stress giver. So don’t force me to reply.
  • That my Muse has feelings too, and isn’t just here for your goals, wants and amusement.
  • And last, that the mun may be sweet, but that doesn’t mean I should be walked over.

Very wise words, my Prince.

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Monday,    1 / July / 2013       11am

Happy Birthday to my little girl!!  

Three years ago, at 10:50 Am and after four hours of excruciating pain, my little trouble maker was born. Love you to bits kiddo.

And if you someday read this, know that you’re awesome because you love zombies and guns more than you do princesses and flowers and because there’s no way to keep you sitting uptight in pretty pink clothes. I love it that you’re rebellious and all over the place, even if it sometimes tests the little patience I have. 

And I know it took us a long time to start getting along, but you’re amazing just as you are. Please don’t grow up too fast and never stop asking questions about the world you live in.

Happy third birthday, little miss!

Sunday,    30 / June / 2013       11pm



Hotaru: Doing baby things

Setsuna: Doing death

Haruka: Doing Michiru

Michiru: Doing Haruka

[sounds about right…]


Sunday,    30 / June / 2013       6pm
Sunday,    30 / June / 2013       1pm


This is just… beautiful… Is this real?~

It is it is. Michiru keeps taking me to that kind of places and everything is possible in the first world =P That’s just an over sized fish tank ;)

Saturday,    29 / June / 2013       1am

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